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What does it take to make an ordinary web presence in Stillwater extraordinary? There’s no one answer. Here at Lackey Designs, we incorporate web design, SEO, branding, strategy, and writing services to create a comprehensive web presence. That means your website can be more than a simple “foot in the door” for your customer. It can be a marketing tool, an information guide, a pamphlet, and more—all without you ever having to lift a finger.

Your Stillwater, Minnesota business is more than just its local web presence. It should be able to attract clients and customers with effective SEO, reel them in with persuasive site content, and show off everything that your company has to offer. We at Lackey Designs accomplish that by making your site more than just a pretty picture—we make it a compelling visual accompaniment to your intended brand.

Want to know how it works? Here’s a brief explanation of the benefits of the features offered here at Lackey Designs:



With every element above incorporated into the overall mix, you’ll enjoy a higher standard of web design and branding—making it possible to blow away your local competition in Stillwater.

The Benefits of the Comprehensive Approach to Web Design

Reading all of this might lead you to one inescapable question:

Why bother?

It’s simple: you need to beat the competition.

Your website says more about your company than you might know. Anyone who’s coming to Stillwater—or even longtime residents of Stillwater—still go to the web to find out what’s going on in their area.

Consider just how many people browse the web with their phones, or enter in a quick Google search to find the local brands in their area. Do you have a mobile-responsive website, or do you simply hope for the best with your current site? If you don’t know the answer, it might be time to seek out Lackey Designs.

Consider how many people use the web to find fresh content on a regular basis. Is your website worth reading? If someone clicks on your “blog,” do they find outdated posts from two years ago…or even worse, nothing at all? If you need a consistently-updated site, it’s time to consult Lackey Designs.

Consider what today’s web user is looking for. They want to find information at your website. They want to browse it and draw inspiration from it. So it all boils down to one basic question: do you have a web site or web presence worthy of that inspiration, or do you simply toss up a few pictures and hope that people will like it?

If you’re not sure, contact us at Lackey Designs. We’ll give you everything you need to create a bona fide web presence that works for you, not against you.