Hibu is Not for You

Why you should avoid Hibu and other services like it

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Large website design companies like Hibu may be drawing your attention away from smaller, local web design services. These large companies advertise to small businesses, but boast about their thousands of clients. They want to work with you, a small business owner, but treat you as if you’re just a number.

As a small business, there are many reasons to avoid large companies like Hibu. When you’re searching for a website design service, you want somebody you can meet with face-to-face, somebody that offers you a variety of unique services at an honest price, and somebody that knows the ins and outs of running their own small business, just like you. Large companies should be avoided when searching for the perfect designer.


Their sites lack consistency

Companies like Hibu lack any sort of consistency when managing your site. They constantly change their design platform, service packages, and software. Hibu has changed their design platform at least three times in the last few years. As mentioned in the link, they likely keep changing their platform to something cheaper to maximize profits. These cheaper platforms are usually missing key features that a good website design company would use.

Not only does changing platforms show that these companies are only shooting for profits, but it also shows that they may be learning on the job. It takes time to learn a website design platform. When a company is constantly switching their platform, it doesn’t give them a chance to get comfortable with their software, which likely results in weaker products for their clients.


They provide you with generic content

Designers strive to create unique, useful content for their clients. Some companies strive to make as much money as possible, whether their services are reputable or not. It’s difficult for a company to maximize profits and build beautiful websites that are easily found through search engines. If a website’s content isn’t unique, there’s no chance it will spring to the top of search engine results.

Large designers like Hibu use cookie cutter formats and similar content and keywords to make their jobs easier. Without a unique website, search engine optimization (SEO) is nearly impossible. Good designers strive to provide their clients with unique, successful websites. They do their research and provide packages that keep your website on top, unlike the bigger companies trying to make a quick buck.


They treat you like a number

According to SimilarWeb, Hibu receives nearly 170,000 page visits each month. For a company, that’s a great thing. For a customer, that’s something you may want to avoid. They receive a lot of website traffic because they have a lot of clients. Their high number of clients might result in your company being put on the back burner when you seek customer service. Don’t believe us? Just check out their reviews at Consumer Affairs.

Working with a large designer like Hibu can be stressful to say the least. Because they have so many clients and employees, you will never be working with the same person. If you don’t work with the same designer every single time, their services will never truly provide you with the vision you have for your company’s website.


Stick with the good guys

If you’re looking for a trendy, sharp new website design, stick with the good guys. There are plenty of small businesses throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin that would love to work with you on your new site. Don’t trust a company that promises lower rates and brags about the number of clients they serve.

At Lackey Designs, we specialize in building websites that skyrocket your page to the top of search engines. We’d love to work with your small business to provide you with one-on-one customer service at an affordable rate. If you’d like to bring your company’s vision to life, contact us at (715) 220-0808 or fill out our online contact form.